The types of Ceremonies I offer

Although I am parimarily a Marriage Celebrant, I am able to offer a wide range of alternative ceremonies.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

In this day and age of many people not having a religious affiliation, some couples like to mark the arrival of a new child with a Naming Ceremony.  This is a lovely ceremony which gives the parents the opportunity to introduce their little one to friends and family and to have special ceremony to welcome their child.  They often still have godparents.  This is not a baptism (or christening), but takes the place of one.  There is still a desire in many of us to mark the special occasions in life, that once the church used to do. I am able to offer such a ceremony, written specifically for you and your child.

Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Somtimes when a couple has been married for a significant amount of time, they like to renew and refresh their marriage vows.  Or it could be that the couple has just been through a hard time together whether through illness or other circumstances, and they feel the need to renew their vows.  I can write a beautiful ceremony tailored just for you and your circumstances.  It is a lovely thing to do and is often done in conjunction with an anniversary celebration with family and friends.

Committment Ceremonies

Sometimes a couple is not ready for marriage or is unable to marry for one reason or other, but they want to publicly declare their love and committment for one another.  It could be that one of the party is already married and is unable to get a divorce.  It could be that a same sex couple wishes to commit to each other, but the law does not allow same sex marriage. Or it could be that the couple does not believe in marriage but still wants to publicly declare their love & committment.  Whatever the reason, I am able to design a committment ceremony to suit your needs.  It can be like a wedding ceremony, but without the legal words. It can be totally unlike a wedding ceremony, just how you like. It needs to be quite clear to everyone present that it is not a wedding.




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