Designing your ceremony

So you are organising a life celebration ceremony.   

What a wonderful thing to do.

Although organising a celebration can be stressful, it should be a lot of fun and a really special time.

My job is to provide you with the professional support you require to make your day just the way you dreamed it would be!

Everyone’s needs are different and I work with you as individuals to help you celebrate your special day in your own unique  way.

My speciality is to work with you and whatever your ceremonial needs are. I have a wide range of resources that will ensure you will create the day you wished for.

You may have some special poetry or verses that you would like included.  Friends and family members can also be a part of your ceremony.  Perhaps some extra rituals can be performed within the ceremony.  The list is endless and I have a large amount of material which you may wish to include.  I also have ideas on music that can be used, or you can choose your own.

For a Wedding,  to make the ceremony legal, there are certain words and vows that must be said, but other than that, you can choose what you want included.

A ceremony is a wonderful experience and can mark any of the milestones in your life,  from birth, marriage to death and any other special occasions in your life.  You may want to re-affirm your marriage vows, have a commitment ceremony when marriage isn’t an option or you are just not ready.


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