Roxanne & Kyle’s Surprise Wedding 23rd April 2016

Roxanne & Kyle were having an engagement party (or so everyone thought).  Shortly after everyone arrived at the beautiful Tahbilk Winery, I announced that the engagement party was about to become a wedding.  There were cheers and many happy faces after the announcement.  The wedding took place on the deck of the Tahbilk cafe overlooking the billabong , just as it was getting dark.  It was a gorgeous setting for a wedding.  Roxanne & Kyle had had their photos done before the wedding, so there was a bit of sneaking about and changing clothes before everyone turned up.  While the wedding was being announced, Roxanne changed back into her wedding dress.  And what a beautiful bride she was.  Kyle looked stunning in his retro style suit.  I loved it!!!  There were such a lot of good feelings at the wedding; everyone was happy.  It is always a privelege to be chosen to share in someone’s wedding, but this was extra special as I was privy to their tiny little secret.11165113_1158156507536955_6576474245655751722_n

The above photo is courtesy of Sal.T. photography.




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