Why Choose a Marriage Celebrant

Congratulations, You are planning to get married.  How Exciting.  What a wonderful time in your life.

The question is, why to choose a Marriage Celebrant.

Do you want something other than a church wedding?

Do you want to be married somewhere special or out of the ordinary?  Do you have a favourite park, do you love the bush or is there somewhere else you would love to be married?

Do you have some special words to say to your partner as you say your vows to each other?

Would you like to incorporate some special readings or poetry and involve members of your family or friends.

Do  you have a special ritual, whether it reflects your culture or is just something that you would like to do?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, then a Marriage Celebrant is for you.

Together we can write your own special ceremony just how you want it for your special day.

I take care of all the legalities required, including paperwork and correct legal wording within the ceremony, leaving you to be stress free.

What next?

Please contact me and and organise a meeting with me so that we can start the planning of your special day.

Please note:

A notice of Intended Marriage is needed to be submitted to me no later than one month before the proposed marriage date. You will need to bring with you your birth certificate or passport.  If you bring your birth certificate I will also need to see photo ID (drivers licence).  If you have been married before, I need to sight a divorce certificate or death certificate.

Then we can get on with the fun part, the designing of your ceremony.


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